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EDTC 811: Summer Institute III - Dr. Shamburg
   This course is the third five-week intensive summer seminar for Year III doctoral cohort candidates.  Candidates foster their development as scholars and professionals for service by presenting their original scholarly work to a wider audience and provide a professional portfolio with a growth plan for continued learning and renewal. (Summer 2017)


  • Summer III Poster Session

EDTC 803: Data Analysis and Report Writing - Dr. Twomey
     This course will focus on the content and the mechanics of effective data analysis and report writing.  Candidates will analyze textual and graphical data from many sources, process data in ways that readers can understand, and generate comprehensive academic and business reports. (Summer 2015)

         Constructed research, developed a visual, and created a memorandum report for a data report.

         Created a data collection instrument to solve a problem.

         Analyzed data and wrote reports to assess teaching effectiveness.

EDTC 806: Research Methods in Educational Technology Leadership - Dr. Rabinovich
     With the program's emphasis on the scholarship of teaching and innovative learning experiences, this course is an in-depth treatment of the research process and techniques for planning and designing research projects.  Emphasis will be placed on the appropriate choice of methodologies for a variety of problem situations. (Spring 2016)

          Designed a quantitative research study to answer a school-based technology-related question.

         Designed a quantitative research study to answer a school-based technology-related question.

         Designed a mixed-methods research study to answer a school-based technology-related question.

EDTC 809: Assessment and Evaluation - Dr. Carnahan
     This course provides an introduction to systematic inquiry using assessment methods to understand, evaluate and solve user and organizational needs.  Candidates will integrate their knowledge of research methods with the real-world challenges of conducting and analyzing research in educational and corporate settings. (Fall 2016)

         For this assignment, I observed and recorded the social interactions of guests at a theme park during Halloween taking note of the setting/context as it unfolded.             The goal was to understand how people interact or behave in a particular event.  Interpreting and analyzing the meanings of the interactions and observations. 

         This project was designed to give experience in designing the methodology and assessments involved in creating a qualitative research study.  It incorporated the             problem statement, need, research questions and methodology.

         This project was the proposal for the fourth project.

         In this research project I created qualitative study which incorporated open-ended surveys using Qualtrics and the IRB application.

EDTC 810: Statistics for Educational Research - Dr. Glazer
     Candidates will develop competence in applying, synthesizing, and evaluating statistics from sources including dissertation, journals, technical reports, and Web sites.  With an emphasis on the scholarship of teaching, candidates will move from basic to context-driven statistics, applying the fundamental concepts and procedures of descriptive and inferential statistics to real-world applications.    (Spring 2017)

         For this assignment, I researched examples of statistical inference in the media on education and analyzed articles for the strengths and weaknesses of the                       statistical analysis.  

         Together with Fahima Bacha, James Murduca and Jennifer Vanyi, we designed a statistical reference site to aid ourselves and others about the different types of               statistical analysis which can be conducted in educational research.

         This assignment required me to critique a group of my peers on their Statistics website to evaluate my understanding of the statistics that were being used and               test my ability to evaluate doctoral level work.

  • Analysis Paper
    For this assignment, I collected and analyzed a data set using a variety of data analysis tools.  The set included both categorical and quantitative variables and a sample size over 25 participants.  I was able to analyze relationships between different variables and use SPSS or visual representation and to determine statistical significance.

EDTC 901: Dissertation I - Dr. Zieger
     With the emphasis on educational technology leadership and the scholarship of teaching, in dissertation I candidates will develop and refine their hypothesis, research contemporary related literature, and explain in detail their research method and procedures, as well as design all necessary research, permission, and data collection instruments. (Fall 2017)


EDTC 902: Dissertation II - Dr. Zieger
     In Dissertation II candidates will conduct their research, process the data gathered, draw conclusions, and reflect upon their study. (Spring 2018)


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